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Meeting Japanese people before going

Hi all. I am planning to make a trip to Japan, hopefully through an exchange student program. My question is: is there any site that has online chat or forums where you can actually meet and talk to people in Japan before going there? I thought it would help me keep the Japanese I am learning fresh and it would be nice to have a pen pal in Japan. Any ideas? I've tried myspace and very few people respond. Who knows what they might think you are in this day and age with all of the crazy stalkers on the internet. So, needless to say it's hard to make friends that way. I am looking for something where other exchange students interested in talking online with English speakers might go where we could exchange ideas. Help?


Film in Japan

Hello everyone!

I'm doing a study abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo this spring/summer from April - August & I'm really curious about how my movie watching habits will be affected by the move. However, I can't seem to find very much information about movie theaters or new releases in Japan outside of general prices.

So... Where are the best theaters in Tokyo? Also are there any film festivals in the spring/summer? Is there a Japanese website a-la fandango you can point me to? Also, can anyone tell me how long it takes for hollywood releases to reach Japan? Are they dubbed or in english with subtitles?

Thanks in advance for the info.

I'm Officially Going To....

JAPAN!!! I made it and I'm soooo excited! I don't know where exactly in Japan yet, but I DO know I'm leaving somtime around July or August and I'll be gone for about 10-12 months. Time to start cramming in that language D;
Anyways, yay I'm going ^_^ My dream has finally come true. So-
Any suggestions on how to not horribly offend them? ;_;
Eeeeep >< I'm so excited!!!! When I got the call I was jumping around like an idiot for about an hour listening to my j-rock and j-pop like a supah-nerd xDD
Ok sorry for bothering you guys ~~<(^_^<) ~~(>^_^)>~~
Mata ne,


I Made It !!!!!!!!!!
I'm now officially a Rotary exchange student, but I still don't know where yet ;_;
I got to go! Bye


Minasan, konnichiwa! Hajimemashite.
Watashino namaewa Jyojia desu! Yoroshiku.

I joined livejourrnal just so I could join this club, so feel special :D
I have sent in my Rotary Application (For all of you who don't know it's a foreign exchange program that has a great reputation, if you're thinking of doing a foregin exchange you should definitely check it out!) and have my interview on Dec. 2nd and I'm so nervous! 
I've been dreaming of doing this exchange for about 2 years now (I'm a shophomore) and it's all coming down to this Sunday. I would love to go to Japan and I've been learning Japanese for about 2 years now. I know all my katakana, hiragana, and I'm up to 2nd grade kanji :D 
I know it doesn't seem like much, but I'm proud. However, at this point I just want them to send me anywhere as long as I get to go (You get to choose your 'top 5' but that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get to go to one of them).
Good luck? Comments? Hints?
Any help would be appreciated ^^
Ja, Mata ne-

Jul. 25th, 2007

Hey everyone!

I joined awhile back in this group but have yet to write anything.

I just wanted to share with everyone that I have recently returned from a one year stay in Japan. It was everything I had ever dreamed.  I mainly went to study Japanese/Culture (no surprise) and came out with that and a tons of friends.

I was lucky enough to go through the sister-school system so my high school still remains in contact and it's easier this way. 

I wanted to post this because I know that I had fears before leaving. I mean, it's a WHOLE year. That's a long time. I wanted to help anyone who is having second thoughts. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

P.S. If this isn't allowed..well...just erase.

japan help

To everyone

Ive been looking on the net and talking to a lot of people about going to Japan but have yet to find a program that I really want to enrol in. The entire reason I want to go to Japan is to learn the language and learn more about their culture. The problem that Im having is that I want to live with my friend and stay for a year. (I know its rare to get to live with friends but…) I am an out going person, someone to take chances and do new things, though Ive never gone to a different country so Ill be a pansy when it comes to this trip. A host family sounds like fun but I doubt that they would let two students stay with them. (i will probably end up staying with one though) I need a list of programs that would let me go to Japan for a full year. (Any programs at this point)

Another problem Im having is that I have no money. Currently a college student I live off my parents, student loans and student aid. How do you get enough money to go? Ive heard of scholarships but dont know the ones that would best fit me. I have a 3.5 gpa and have taken elem Japanese and am getting a minor in Asian studies. I will be graduating in 09 and would love to be in Japan 09 to 2010. So if anyone had a program they’ve heard of or anyway to pay for the trip than please let me know.

PS: If you want to say anything to help out even if its not program related like a helpful hint or a good experience let me know too.




I'm obviously new to this community. The name is Yi zhen.
I'm Chinese/Taiwanese and have the desire to go to Japan over the summer with something like rotary.
I am currently learning Japanese in school and I've been thinking maybe I should go when I'm in Junior year...? ( By then I will have finished Japanese 3.) I have been to Japan before though over the summer on vacation.

I'm an generally a very shy person, so the idea of staying with a host family slightly scares me. I have heard a little murmur about highschools that have dorms that students live in, though from what I see this is either very rare or non-existent. Anyone have any information..? Also can anyone tell me their experiences with their host family? I have a constant fear that I may end up with a very hostile family.

My friends may also apply for rotary with me, that is if we are going with rotary. Are the chances lowered of receiving a host family if you say it will be a double stay and not a single person stay? I will randomly guess that the odds of you being in the same region/prefecture as your friend is very slim.

Anyway, I will most likely talk this over with my Japanese teacher, but any advice or input is appreciated! (Ex. Organizations you recommend.)

A Short and Sweet Introduction


私の名前はメグです。 よろしく ^_^。

 I will be going to japan this summer through rotary for a whole year. I'm not sure where I am going yet but I was just wondering if anyone else went to japan through rotary on here and what is was like. I've been to japan before for short echanges so I'm not too worried I was just wondering how much allowance you got and what rotary was like there. Any information I would appricate. Thanks ^_^.

Hello! Happy new year 2007

My oh my... No postings for the holidays?

Let me introduce myself to you.

I live in Montreal and I took 2 years for Japanese language. I went to Tokyo twice so far, it was a great experience to travel alone in Tokyo where people are everywhere and it is amazing to see that salespeople were all doing "いらしゃいませ".